Tuesday, March 25, 2008

:: sUrvey ::

1. Does it matter to you if your bf/gf
:~mestilar jdi 'persoalan', sebb aku pon xmerokok. Derang lak lelebey kan~!

2. If someone liked you right now,
would you want them to tell you?
:~sila bgtau b4 terlambat, ajal maut ditangan tuhan..~!

3. Whats your favorite sport?
:~volleyBALL of coz. Bowling & balapan ~!

4. Its saturday night, you're home
alone.. what do you do?

5. Do you like roller coasters?
:~sgt suka… coz aku bkan penakut cam ‘org’ tuh. harap telor labuh sekilo, penakut kan men. Huahahah ~!

6. What are you doing this weekend?
:~ study ler, XM bai~!!

7.Whats your favorite restaurant?
:~ byk sgt lar. Xtau nk listkan camne :-P ~!

8. Do you usually fall for the right
or wrong girl/boy?
:~ xpenah fall2 nih… (percayalah!!!) ~!

9. Have you ever hugged someone?
:~yerps.. my love ~!

10. Ever kissed someone you weren't
attracted to?
:~ ader2, time ma’rad(exhibition) arituh. Si*l nye arab~!

11. Are you lonely right now?
:~ yerps. Tiada siapa yg sudi berada disisiku ~!

12. Song stuck in your head?
:~ condor heroes ending song, antara lirik dia “…ai shi dou me ge kui…”

13. What is the first thing you notice
about the opposite sex
:~ pinggang ~!

14. Which do you prefer, beach or the
:~ huh, 2-2 besh… beach kot ~!

15. What kind of phone do you have?
:~ nokias & sambung to-be.. hahaha ~!

16. Computer or laptop?

17. WHATS your favorite store?
:~ REEBOK outlet~!

18. Jeans or sweats?
:~ JeANs~!

19. Which year has been the best so
:~hidup2 ku penuh ngan kedukaan, tiada apa yg best tuk dikongsikan..~!

20. How old are you gonna be on your
next birthday?
:~ lar, asal Tanya umo lak nih… xmoh laaa :: peace :: ~!

21. What should you be doing right now?
:~ sTudY, sat g jer ader XM~!

22. What is your favorite tv show?
:~ survivor, apprentice & amazing race~!

23. Colour?
:~ black & white

24. Are you wanting to be with him/her
right now?
:~ tiada mengharap apa2 pon :-( ~!

25. Have you ever fallen on your butt
in front of a crowd of people?
:~ lom lagik… akan dtg kot rezeki aku.. hahahaha ~!

26. What do you do when you're at home?
:~ chatting, blogging, studying, guling2 atas katil. Messaging ~!

27. Do you like to go to concerts?
:~ yerps… of coz, sejak berada di sni. Ape2 konsert pon YANG ADO!! Membohsankan… !!!!

28. What side of the bed do you sleep
:~ privacy ~!

29. Scariest thing you've ever done?
:~ when I was 12, masukan mengkarung dalam mulot.. huh! R u dare babe??! :D

30. Are you friends with people that
you shouldn't be friends with?
:~ yerps… ntah dri celah mane ntah depa2 nih dtg, kalo xsuke, cakap ajer la suke, nih ley lak nk bertalam2 ngan aku… dasar THOUSAND FACES. Igt!! Ko xpenah aku anggap as kawan sampei mati pon!!! TITIK…

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